Assistance in supporting and improving the living conditions of patients

The mission and purpose of the Hospic Help Endowment Fund is to help support and improve the living conditions of patients

who are hospitalized in a non-state hospice inpatient facility. Specifically Hospice Malovická, Malovická 3304/2, 141 00 Prague 4

Hospic Malovická


We are looking for financial help for the necessary equipment
30. listopad 2020

We will be grateful for your contribution to the following equipment:

Open positions
22. říjen 2020

For Hospice Malovická we are currently looking for: - doctors full or part-time- general nurses- nurses- paramedics

About us

Purpose of the endowment fund (why we founded it)

In this context, the main goals of the Hospic Help Endowment Fund are in particular the following:

To spread and realize the idea that one should not die alone, in pain, with a feeling of fear and anxiety from the process of dying.

Respect and protect the dignity of dying patients. For this purpose, in cooperation with professional staff, participate in improving the level of satisfaction of patients' needs, especially at the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual levels.

To support the improvement of the quality of the working environment of the serving nursing staff who provide services within hospice inpatient care, by ensuring quality equipment of the workplace.

Facilitate the development of the social, aesthetic, and cultural values of society by raising awareness of the issue of palliative care among patients, family members, as well as the general public.

To support the spiritual health of patients, which brings a state of harmony, satisfaction, and peace. In order to fulfill the set goals, the Hospic Help Endowment Fund cooperates with natural and legal entities as well as organizational professional units.

The Hospic Help Endowment Fund achieves the purpose described above mainly by providing contributions. In addition, the Hospic Help Endowment Fund performs the following activities related to its purpose, with the fact that any profit from these activities will always be used only for other activities of the Endowment Fund:

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Thank you for your financial and other help



Malovická 3304/2
141 00  Prague 4

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